If you’re not in pain, You ain’t movin!

My mother always tells me that I should quit playing competitive team sports. This past Sunday, it was proven to me yet again that she’s right. oh and btw, Happy Birthday mom.

I have fractured a rib playing beach volleyball. It was just pure good ol example of “trying too hard”. I dove for the ball that was going to land 3 meters in front of me and ouch.  But no  worries, I’ll be alright. I spent yesterday working from home, well my bed to be honest and I feel better now.

The only thing I’m a bit worried about is my race coming up at the end of next week. I felt super ready prior to the injury and was ready to put in a personal best, this changes the whole game. Today I went back on the bike and rode for 45 minutes and didn’t feel too much pain. Tomorrow’s swim will be the real test. Wish me luck :)

One thought on “If you’re not in pain, You ain’t movin!

  1. Hey Farhang,
    I know how this happens and it cost me a start in IMLP a few years ago. Signed up, did all the training and fractured my leg playing hockey 6 weeks before the race!!! When I decided to sign up for IMMT this year, I decided to put all other sports on hold for a year. Just to prevent getting injured. Get well soon!