Recovery, Belwood Race and My Garmin

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I have posted on the status of my training. Life has been pretty busy and so has been the training.

Its now been almost 4 weeks since I broke a rib, for the most part the recovery has been pretty smooth. I feel great and with the exception of early mornings, I’m mostly pain free! Pool swimming has been the only exercise that has been challenging/painful. I actually think it’s not the swimming part that is hurting me but its reaching and holding to the side of the pool which puts pressure on my ribs. I’ve been trying to avoid hanging on to the sides during my breaks and it has helped a bit but for now I just have to suck it in and complete the exercise.

I did something a bit risky 2 weekends ago. Despite my broken rib, I did the Belwood race.  The race was great,  perfect weather conditions, awesome course and better athletes. Before the race I decided that I wanted to swim without a wetsuit, showing up to the start line and seeing everyone in wet suits was a bit nerve wracking but before I knew I was in the water with a good rythm and managed to finish the swim in a “good enough” time.

The 30 K bike course was a good combination for a race. We dropped 30 meters within the first 10 K of the ride then we went through a series of rolling hills and gained 30 meters and we wrapped it up with a smooth flat ride to the end.  I  pushed myself hard during the last two thirds of the ride and it certainly paid off.

Run was pretty action free, flat course through the woods and couple of loops. I wrapped up the race in 1:56:32 , a result that I’m happy about but I know that I still have a ton of room for improvement.

Finally I like to wrap this post up with crazy story and a thank you to a true gentleman.
I lost my Garmin 310XT at Lake Wilcox on Saturday July 23rd (Don’t ask how). I went up there to put up some signs in case someone has found it. Once I got there I saw a sign near where I lost my watch that someone, a triathlete, has found it. I called him and went and picked it up from him. Yes, there are amazing people out there.

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