The Journey To Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2012 Begins

This has been in the making for the last 6 months. Today I’m Letting everyone know that I am officially registered for Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2012. Six months ago when I lost my father, I promised myself to do an Ironman in his honor. Over the last four months I have been training under the supervision of Sylvie Danesereau. Last weekend I finished my first triathlon of the season in Welland . It felt amazing. Today I feel really good and with a bit of extra motivation from Scott Goodfellow I am ready to do this.

Ironman Mont-Tremblant here I come

I will be posting the diary of journey to the big day (August 12th, 2012) on this blog, join me on what promises to be a heck of ride.

8 thoughts on “The Journey To Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2012 Begins

  1. Congratulations and Tjemppiä! as we say in Finnish. This sounds like an amazing journey and I wish you all the motivation and strength you need to complete it. Very proud of you!

  2. Wow! Way to pull the trigger! Looking forward to following your journey. Thanks for the “shout out”! I’m glad I could help. It’s time for you to create your own Ironman story! Keep in touch… reach out if you need help along the way!
    Scott Goodfellow

  3. This was the best news I heard today. I am very proud of you and congratulate you for such a strong will. Although I wish I could do this too, You know why I can’t, but I am with you all the way to the finish line and even after that so we could celebrate your success together.I keep the bottle in the ice for you.

    I always wish you the best.

  4. Agha,
    you are already a iron man. I am so happy reading this and congrats to your first triathlon. Your dad and our all beloved ones in the family are watching you on your way and we kicking your ass if you wanna give up…;-))

    Love you and i will drink with amu a beer waiting behind the finisher line…

  5. I could not agree more with all the comments you have received! Which is A lot of L O V E…
    Ardeshir, he was always proud of you, and this would have taken it to even a higher level… as we all know he would have been out there watching you to achieve another great milestone in your journey through life.
    None less, as Daiee and Kian have mentioned, the whole family is very much proud of you. You have all of our support to reach your goal and more.
    Today, I have purchased my ticket so I can be there on Aug 12th to see you at the finish line!
    What is important is all the effort and training that you are putting in so you can achieve your goal.

    BTW, will have your kind of bubbly chilled and ready :))
    Khaleh ( your aunt)

  6. I am very proud of you and i am with you and i can see you at the
    finish line.

  7. Like everyone else, I am very proud of you also. Knowing you, I am sure you will succeed in this challenge the same way you have succeeded in other challenges in the past.
    I will be there to see you at the finish line with the champagne bottle in hand.
    Good luck and know that you have our support as always.


  8. Farhang, great! My salute!!!
    Congratulations to your incredible first achievement im memoriam of amoo ardeshir. I wish you all the best for the miles ahead.
    I want to send you this quote, as I find it very matching:
    “At the end everything will be good – if it is not good now, you haven’t reched the end” (or the finishing line ;-) )

    Good luck Ramin