Swim – Bike – Run for the Children of Lahijan

On June 2011, I made the decision to particiapte in my first Ironman event in memory of my father. 14 months later and after many hours of intense training, I am ready for the big task.

To celebrate his memory , we have decided to use this event to run another fundraising campaign for the Children of Lahijan. During our last two fundraising campaigns we managed to raise a total $6000 that allowed us to purchase clothing for 125 kids in Lahjian. Our goal for this round is to raise $3000.
To honor our donors, for our third campaign we have prepared something special. Donors who donate a minimum of $50 will receive a “Children of Lahijan” T-Shirt, designed by our good friend Atee Zolghadr.

If you are willing to contribute to this cause, please visit childrenoflahijan.org. Thank you for your donation in advance

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