Is it weird to get all teared up every time you think about that finish line?

I had a pretty good weekend when in terms of training, partially thanks to the weather and my good friend Ali. On Friday we went up to lake Wilcox, put in about 2 K of swimming and then went for a 50 K ride, not bad compare to my previous Canada days.

On Sunday, I rode from my House to Mississauga (appx 30K) followed by a 30 min run. While running I found myself daydreaming about that finish line in 412 days, in fact I was thinking about what I’d be doing during the last 200 meters of the run and I think I was either talking to myself loud or was making weird hand gestures while having these thoughts cause when I woke up I noticed 4 older ladies that were walking toward me looking at me like I’m someone that has been running in the heat for too long :)

Over the last few days, I’ve downloaded and watched 4 NBC Ironman specials.Too many fascinating stories to mention here but one thing they all have in common is that every time I see that finish line I get all teared up, yes I’m cheesy but a tough one :)


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